AuctionTalk Live and YORGOO Media

AuctionTalkLive and YORGOO Media

When about 10 days ago AuctionTalkLive and namely the blaster at BiancaGubalke.AuctionTalkLive as well as YORGOO Media sub-domains disappeared from the radar on Google, we had t express our frustration, for once not publicly but behind the scenes. The result: both domains are back, however we will need to fight to get our top listings back.

It’s rare to see a site back before 6 months at least once banned by Google.

How to prevent from being banned by Google?

Doing some research, you will find, that no one really knows much more than: comply with Google’s Terms and Rules. In fact if you comply with those rules, you have at least an argument.


In stead of giving just a set of rules to follow besides those famous terms, let me just focus on the Blog-master’s attitude. For as long as you aim to deliver to your readers good content and add truthful contextual meta data, you have a good chance to remain on the safe side.

But there is more: Search Engine Optimization can back-fire when exaggerated. If you use all possible tools simultaneously to optimize your site, you may be overdoing it. A wise choice of optimization strategies and a moderate approach to marketing aggressiveness will make the difference between your site and your competitors’ publications as well as between you and those who see their sites banned. Remember the famous case of BMW, where the company site was banned for over tuning the site in a way considered as abusive. However, there are no clear rules about what is abusive and what passes the test.



Semiomantics SEO Tuning

Some of the best kept secrets by Webmasters are their money making keywords and the way they tune their sites to reach Google Top rankings. At Semiomantics we permanently test settings and strategies to promote our publishing frameworks and to reach high visibility and Google Top 10 positions. Such internal test results and settings are only shared at Ycademy Online Seminars to allow participants to fully profit from our best features and strategies.

Google’s appreciation may change from time to time and what was a successful strategy yesterday, may find itself disgrace tomorrow. Permanent adjusting and adapting is necessary to remain on top of things and of … Google.

Semiomantics SEO Management Services

Semiomantics Customers purchase the best Framework and get a high performance product delivered at the time of the purchase. As we notice an ever faster spinning spiral of renewals, updates and upgrades on all parts of the used software, it becomes increasingly important to keep scripts and SEO Strategies up to date and adapted to the latest standards. This development is beyond our influence, however we would like to assure that our customers remain on track with their objectives and in line with the best possible SEO Standards and Strategies.

While we are not here to create content for our customers, we can provide them with an updated framework and assure the proper functioning of the site and SEO implementation to the latest standards.

Based on our time sheet tracking over the bast 6 months we notice that this involves quite some time per site per month and we will need to involve additional manpower to take care of the tasks. For this reason and to assure the best possible service we have set up our Semiomantics SEO Management Services for Semiomantics Customers as well as for webmasters using other WordPress based frameworks.

The Semiomantics SEO Management Service for Semiomantics Customers is priced on subscription bases, for the time being at $30 per month. For users of other WordPress based Frameworks the Semiomantics SEO Management Service is priced at $120 per month.

For further information, please contact Bianca Gubalke at bianca(at)