Business Market Watch London Evolution

Business Market Watch London Evolution

Vouliagmeni, March 31, 2009 – by YORGOO Publishing and Yorgo Nestoridis

Subsequent to my discussion of this morning with Bianca Gubalke about the entry of the key-word Business Market Watch London on Google, I thought it was an interesting experiment to test self hosted Semiomantics against YORGOO Press.

Remember Biancas earlier article today: Business Market Watch London storms Google . It shows that the keyword Business Market Watch London with over 7 million search returns has been stormed by our sites at , a Dublicator script, a head of and

I was wondering what could be better than that performance and here is what I did:

not even 10 hours ago I registered the domain (oh boy, was I surprised Felisa didn’t grab the brand name of her publication…) and I set up a simple, straight forward aggressive WP based Semiomantics YPrivate site: guess what?…no you wont believe it!

I then wrote a little article about Business Market Watch London making sure it would hit YORGOO Publishing as well because of YORGOO Publishing’s well placed framework.

And finally, I posted the whole thing from, my Author’s web site; here is the result: all 3 involved sites rank on top of Google, ahead of and

Business Market Watch London on Google

Business Market Watch London on Google

The Lessons to learn:

1. The Brand Domain Name is a clear advantage and it may prove unbeatable in the future.

2. If in stead of promoting Google on her site, Felisa had promoted her site on Google, would have stormed Google instead of Google having stormed FelisaRyan at YORGOO Press. Sorry Felisa, I had to squeeze that one out of my brain.

3. should have been on top, however not by targeting ‘News Paper Projects, South Africa’ …:-).

4. A well tuned Semiomantics Dublicator script at is always better than a Hot Rod without fuel.

The Next step

It is of crucial importance to promote to storm Google: for doing so, Felisa needs topic related content rather than Google ads (what an idea after 17 Ycademy seminars, huh). Also: this is Felisa’s job as the publisher, while Bianca and myself will help of course. But there is no point helping if our little contributions bear more topic related content than Felisa’s own site.

Looking forward to Felisa beating us all on Google!