Business Market Watch London

Business Market WatchBusiness Market Watch London

Business Market Watch London is a new Online Publication powered by YORGOO Press. The Project, by Felisa Ryan, went life during the March Ycademy Online Seminar.

Felisa has come to terms with a typical internal struggle about deciding for a project and we can feel the enthusiasm she puts into her new site. The site is under heavy construction, that’s for sure but the Graphics created by Bianca Gubalke give it already a professional look and feel.

Now it will be a matter of content and that’s the most important issue here. The Script provides a layout featuring 15 categories right on the front page of the publication. This allows to display a nice mix of news, information, entertainment and whatever else can be of interest to the targeted readers.

I am looking forward to the development of this site and we will help to promote it to get it quickly to the top of Google.


PS: The below illustration shows an efficient way to mess up a well designed web page as well as an interesting Google focused priority: the site is not yet indexed and the various categories are not yet populated, but Felisa must have already got flowers from big Brother Google for taking care of promoting Google before promoting her own web site:-).

Business Market Watch London

Business Market Watch London