Cars Daily Chronicle

Daily Chronicle about Cars by Gene Line

Gene Line is a big keyword with over 62,000,000 search returns; Cars Daily Chronicle returns over 10 million and Daily Chronicle over 15,000,000. It’s all in line with Gene!

Building an online Publication is also building a new Brand, the Brand being the name of the Online News Paper. Using words such as Daily or Chronicle means that we have to compete with established brands, not to speak about the keyword Cars. Mixing it all together to Cars Daily Chronicle does not make life any easier. On the other hand, a new name is always a problem of Semantics when it comes to our expectations about successful Search Engine Marketing. Google may not give the same connotation to our words or to their combination.

Cars Daily Chronicle is an expression which is rather clear and we know what we can expect: it’s about Cars, it’s a publication and it is updated daily with new content.

After my little article from yesterday, I was wondering if we were picked up on the keywords so dear to Gene. Here is the result:

Cars Daily Chronicle

Cars Daily Chronicle

As you see, YORGOO Publishing comes in on rank 4!

I was then wondering if we had been too specific and thought of checking the key-phrase: “Daily Chronicle”. I did not really expect any visible result but it was worthwhile surfing a few pages on Google to find that we end up on rank 36 on Daily Chronicle.

Daily Chronicleby YORGOO Publishing

Daily Chronicle by YORGOO Publishing

The same observation I made yesterday on Business Market Watch London applies here as well: the Domain would probably do additional wonders. (Checking it just now, I notice that the domain has been registered on yorGOdom, hopefully by Gene.)

On the Expression Business Market Watch London we have about monopolized  Google’s top 10, in fact, as I write, we hold 9 of the 10 top entries:

Business Market Watch London

Business Market Watch London

The performance is mainly due to 3 articles by Bianca Gubalke and by myself promoting Felisa Ryan’s new online Publication. The sites showing up on Google are, (which we registered yesterday),, (a dublicator script), ( a YORGOO Blaster!),, the only third party site left on the top 10, (again a YORGOO Blaster!), (a YORGOO Press Script), and on rank 10 also powered by a YORGOO Press Script.

Cars Daily Chronicle powered by Semiomantics

All sites mentioned above have one thing in common: they are tuned by Semiomantics. Interestingly, YORGOO Blasters are doing very well and we see the first YORGOO Press scripts popping up. Cars Daily Chronicle by Gene Line will show up as well, as soon as indexed by Google and with the support by the appropriate domain, will be beating all of us shortly.

Open Questions about Cars Daily Chronicle

How to get Gene’s YORGOO Press site on top of Google?

How to use the Brand Domain to Promote your YORGOO Press? (Ask Joe Cettina!)

How to grab hundreds of top 10 positions on related keywords rapidly?

We will develop these questions on our next Ycademy Calls tonight and on next Tuesday.