Do You Like My Ad?

Advertising Online with YORGOO Booster

On YORGOO Booster you can use the YORGOO Ads Plugin for 3 types of ads, the top, bottom and custom ads.

The Custom ad is an add you insert when editing a post using the corresponding tag.

Here is a sample of such an ad:


YORGOO Custom Ads support most any format as you can see and they come in handy when you want to associate your preferred product to a specific post.

Try them out and play with content: make it interesting for the visitor, knowing it’s a distraction, but a rewarding distraction for you as the publisher.

Do you like my Ad?

Do you like my search insert?

Join tonight’s web master training at 8 pm GMT at yorGOtalk and tweak your own insert. By the way, the idea is: you can target any keyword instead of doing a belly button ego centric one as I show here:-).