Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing Seminar


Facebook is next to Google the most important source for Traffic; it is therefore useful to expose services and products to large targeted audiences at Facebook.

The forthcoming Ycademy Seminar, titled Facebook Marketing will introduce participants into the secrets of making an efficient use of Facebook features to build authority, brand yourself and or your business as well as to present your products and services in the best possible light to your chosen audience.

Facebook Marketing Seminar

How to build a Facebook Marketing Strategy

As usual we will start by clearly defining our Goal and Purpose and by designing a plan about how we wish to reach the goals. Then we need to evaluate the means needed to execute the plan and integrate means and plan.

For the purpose of this post I will expose a hypothetical project around Semiomantics Development for WordPress

1. The Purpose of Facebook Marketing

We want to

  • Introduce the advantages of Semiomantics Developments for WordPress to an audience interested in custom websites for high visibility and performance designed with care and attention to details.
  • Attract targeted traffic to our product pages and shop to increase our customer base for DIY products, namely the Semiomantics XO.
  • Attract new customer for Semiomantics Customized and Optimized websites.
  • Use Facebook as a platform to publish Semiomantics News, updates and upgrades and to help customers and friends to rapidly connect to Semiomantics for the purpose of Support and Customer Care.

2. The Plan

How to reach our objectives? In fact, there are various possibilities based on Facebook features which can serve our purpose, such as Groups, Fan Pages, Business Accounts, Events, Applications and more.

To draw a good plan it is important to have a good understanding about how Facebook works, what Facebook can do for you and where Facebook Terms and Technology set limits to our freedom of communicating.

We will provide Seminar Participants with an overview which will stress important issues and give some insight in how features can be brought to fruition. We will also talk about strategies which have proven to work better than others and how, depending on the nature of the business, a smart choice of tools will produce more promising results.

3. The Means

This section will analyze your personal means. The Seminar is designed for people who have already a website, a store, products or services and last but not least, the strong desire to succeed on Facebook with your business expansion.

Your Means can be broken down into different categories:

3.1. Technical Means

Technical means can be broken down further into

  • Facebook Features
  • Tools and Apps provided by the Facebook Community
  • External means

3.2 Personal Means

These can be broken down into

  • Technical and Personal Skills
  • The time you are ready to invest into your project
  • The financial means you are ready to invest into your project
3.2.1 Your Skills

Skills are a broad subject considering the technical possibilities offered by Facebook; they stretch from graphic design, media design, photography, copy writing, to coding, optimizing, styling and more.

Furthermore, skillful assessment of your market, target public, products and services and competitors are a must.

Besides the purely technical skills we will mention communication skills, force of persuasion, conversation skills, knowledge of languages, likable manners and behavior and more.

I am not saying that you need to know it all, however you must be able to assess your capabilities in function of your plan in order to determine, what you can do by yourself and which tasks you will have to outsource when implementing your plan.

This is an important statement, since many failures are based on the fact that marketers try draw a plan simply based on the limited personal skills without any consideration for the actual requirements of a successful strategy.

3.2.2 The Time

Time is money. Objectively each project and implementation of a plan or strategy requires a defined number of tasks to be executed. Each task requires a budget of time. Added up, these budgets will define the total time budget which can be translated into man-hours and ultimately into cost.

3.2.3 The Money

Money is the second important element of the time/money equation: money buys knowledge, skills, technology and finally time. Money can make up for your shortfall in skills and time.

Again, the important aspect is a narrow assessment of skills, tasks and the time you can afford to invest. The Money/Time equation is crucial for the success of the project.


Many projects fail, because insufficient means are invested, meaning that a often good plan will fail because it cannot be fully implemented. Of course, you will assess your skills/time/money factors and if you see, that you cannot balance the equation, you will have to think about another plan, a plan which may be more adapted to your means; make sure however, that the new plan objectively has its chances for success.

Most projects are compromises in one or the other way, but all successful strategies balance the time/money/skills equation.

Facebook Marketing and Business Project Building

As you can see, the process involved into setting up and building your business expansion on Facebook follows similar rules to any project development. The more energy we put into the inception and planning phase the more we limit the risk of failure. Project development can be a difficult task, namely if and when it involves customers who are not well aware of the merits and dangers inherent to the Facebook environment. In such cases the elaboration of the project implies an educational process, is time consuming and therefore costly.

Facebook Marketing Solutions

Sure, there are many turn-key and out of the box solutions available, namely in the hype market where we are lead to believe that for a few bucks we will get a tool or a tip which will respond to all your Facebook Marketing issues. Experience teaches us a different story.

Facebook Marketing Strategies

What’s in your Facebook Marketing Toolbox anyway? Which of the multiple strategies and tools are appropriate to promote your particular products and services? Can you automate your marketing efforts or are you condemned to spend the rest of your life on Facebook to keep the conversation going?

What is your conversion pipeline and how do you intend to stimulate and direct traffic your way? How do you intend to aim your target market and what is the incentive for potential customers to follow you?

How do you intend to take advantage of Facebook functions for the purpose of your Business development?

You have many strings on your bow but you must set priorities and decide which tools you wish to use for what kind of a campaign. In fact, we are back to good old lead generation and conversion.

An important principle remains: bring your products as closely to your prospects as possible and look for possibilities to follow up on prospects. In clear, don’t make it too complicated or difficult for prospects to get down to the detail and the purchase button.

The big difference between marketing on Facebook and traditional lead generation is that you start out from a position close to your prospect since you both are swimming in the same aquarium. Targeting is relatively easy using the different search and filtering tools.

At the Ycademy Facebook Marketing online Seminar we will have a close look at tactics to break this final wall between you and your prospect.