Facebook Strategy with WordPress

10 Steps to Implement your Facebook Strategy with WordPress


Implementing your Facebook Strategy will be at the center of the November Ycademy Seminar. This hands-on Seminar and Workshop will stretch over two days and build with participants an eye-ball-twisting Facebook presence. See the seminar schedule at the bottom of the post.

The Seminar is designed for WordPress Developers and WP users who are looking for high productivity and customized publishing and marketing solutions.

11 Efficient Facebook Strategies

This topic deals with efficient strategies which will efficiently improve your Facebook presence.

Best Facebook Pages

Visit the Semiomantics Facebook Page

7 Ways to jeopardize your Facebook success for sure

Surfing through Facebook we notice some common errors well intended people commit when building their Facebook presence. We will discuss these issues and show you how to eliminate them from your personal or business Facebook.

4 Important Facebook features to focus on

While content is king, there are different ways of making it accessible to visitors. We will discuss the recent changes Facebook has implemented and show you where the focus should be in order to improve your visibility, traffic and business or network expansion on Facebook.

Facebook Privacy and Accessibility settings

Function of your strategy we will define and optimize privacy settings in order to grant potentially interested visitors access to relevant information. Privacy, Accessibility and List-building as well as Targeted Communication are the essentials of this key session.

Workshop: Information and Profile

For people looking for you, your business, services or products, your Profile and Info page are of the utmost importance, the more that your info is visible from outside Facebook and therefore Google efficient. We will set up with participants an efficient Info Page.

Friends, Fans and Subscriptions

We will discuss the recent changes implemented by Facebook and how they impact on our strategies.  Friends, Fans and Subscription features impact on the way we expand our network and influence on Facebook.

Facebook Pages

Overview of the Facebook Page feature. Integration techniques, Apps, Content, Canvas and Pages.

Workshop: Build a simple Facebook page

The focus is on the technical set-up of a Facebook Page. As  content we will use a graphic, picture of video.

Creative and useful Facebook Page Content

What is it you actually wish to display on your Facebook page? In fact there is no limit and it depends entirely on your strategy.

Integrating WordPress with Facebook

This is the center piece of the seminar. Creating Facebook Page right from your WordPress site is now possible. We will set up a reveal page and different Facebook pages depending on participants needs. In fact we show you how to create a whole website in Facebook, straight from your WordPress.

While this works with most any WordPress 3.1 enabled Theme, we will demonstrate the integration with Semiomantics XO.

In fact we will work with a professional plugin modified for Semiomantics XO.

Workshop: Build your Facebook with WordPress

The Seminar will guide you to master the following and more:

  • Create Unlimited Facebook Fan Pages with WordPress

  • Increase Likes by 150% with Reveal “Like” Tab Gateways

  • Unlimited Customization Options When Designing Your Fan Pages

  • Create Unlimited Custom Pages with the WordPress Page Editor

  • Create Custom Menus and Navigation with Just a Few Clicks

  • Comments, Like, Send and Over 50+ Custom Shortcodes for Enhanced Customization

  • Facebook Open Graph Integration for Enhanced Facebook Integration and Google SEO

  • Auto Post to Facebook From Your WordPress Blog

  • Use Your Facebook Albums and Photos on Your Blog and Fan Pages

  • Add Google Maps to Your Facebook Fan Pages

  • Create Squeeze and Sales Pages with Just a Few Clicks on Facebook

Workshop: Add Social Network features to your WordPress

Add Facebook related widgets to your front and/or content pages. Google+ and Twitter buttons. Pull in Facebook Albums, Events, like Buttons and more. Use Facebook Connect to log in to or to register with your blog.

Selective Access to your FB Content

Create content which is only accessible after visitors clicked the “Like” button. A smashing filter which allows you to manage accessibility right from your XO.

Seminar Schedule


Saturday and Sunday November 26/27, 2011.

We start at 1 pm London Time and end at 9 pm London time both days.


You need a WordPress blog preferably with FTP access.

Scripts and all other materials are provided.

We will install the necessary scripts for you previous to the Seminar; please get your Tickets early. If we are not yet in possession of the FTP access to your site, please send it by email to Bianca Gubalke at bianca(at)ycademy.com.

Tickets and Price

The Price for Participating, Materials and access to recordings is $85.

Ycademy Seminar Ticket

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Discount as usual for Ycademy Pros. Please contact Bianca Gubalke at bianca(at)ycademy.com for the code or any other question you may have pertaining to the Seminar.