Google Top 10 Ranking by YORGOO Booster

YORGOO Booster competes on Google Top 10 Ranking

Yesterday’s Google Top 10 related post was aiming to measure the performance of our new Development “YORGOO Booster”. We were intentionally targeting a mega keyword, “Google Top 10” with over 420 million search returns to see if at all our new Booster would show up at all.

Google Top 10 by YORGOO Booster

We were positively surprised to see that YORGOO Booster scored Google Rank 43, just behind Auction Talk Live. The search term Google Top 10 is not an easy target but ideal to measure the performance of YORGOO Booster.

Google Top 10 Ranking

“Google top 10 ranking” is an important sub-category of “Google top 10”. Once we have improved our result on Google Top 10 we will start expanding into related keywords, competing with YORGOO Publishing related sites.

Keywords we will be targeting will include

Make money with Google Top 10

Google Top 10 Strategies

Google SEO

and such like.

Look out for more.