Hosting South Africa

Hosting South Africa Project

In the framework of our Garden Route Project we have a need for advanced hosting. We have been looking into local hosting packages on offer and were surprised about the rates.

Hosting and Web Services

Hosting and Web Services



Most hosters in South Africa offer USA based servers and hosting accounts in data centers similar (or the same) we are using. Surprisingly the South African Market gets the products at retail prices way beyond what we are offering worldwide through our Hosting Partners at ChiHosters, FirstUKHost,,, and so on.

We have therefore decided to offer Hosting in South Africa along our services from Garden Route Publishing.

We have registered


The will be our communication and News Site with editorials related to Hosting in South Africa and Worldwide, while the will be the site to support our hosting platform and its customers. It will also link to our Customer Interface, Support Desk and Web Services.

Hosting South Africa will be part of the ChiHosters Network. Local agents will provide Customer Care and Support Services.

Hosting South Africa will open its doors on March 12, 2009 with a unique, unbeatable Promo.

More shortly.