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YORGOO brings Hosting South Africa to South Africa

Vouliagmeni, Greece, February 15, 2009 – by Yorgo Nestoridis

Dear Friends in South Africa,

Hosting South Africa for 1 Rand

Hosting South Africa for 1 Rand

I don’t understand why you should overpay your hosting; I don’t under stand why you should pay more than anyone else in this world. A few years back we had the same problem here in Europe and particularly in Greece where we had a monopolized market till the Olympics in 2004 forced the  Government to liberalize the market. At that time, all of a sudden it became possible to set up Internet connections without metered bandwidth and it became possible to pay for a static Internet access Euro 40 per month instead of 120.

However it took some time till the local hosting providers changed attitude and by the time they did, no one wanted to host with them anymore because people (I am the first one) felt cheated for too long.

Why do you think you pay 6 to 10 times more for your hosting than anyone else in this world?

I will tell you!

1. The Hosters are greedy.

2. There are Hosters who have set up their data centers in South Africa and suffer from the monopoly and over-priced Internet connections

3. There are smart hosters who catch you twice: they buy hosting abroad for next to nothing and sell it at the corrupted rates to you: result, they are double-screwing you.

Here in Greece we had the .gr domains which till the Olympics were about the only things Greeks knew. Like you in SA with the ridiculous

Tell me, who wants a if he can have a .com?

Here in Greece, the Government, its agents and contractors still charge over 600 Rand for a .gr per year; ridiculous! And what’s the advantage of a .gr anyway? I beat any .gr on any keyword with my .coms. And right now I am proving the same in SA.

Back in 2004 here in Greece people had a .gr reflex. Today they have a .com reflex like the rest of the world. Even the Chineese with their .cn have no chance; they have screwed up the .cn before it really became popular… like the Russians with their .ru; who is not blocking them?

Hosting South Africa Ad

Hosting South Africa Ad

Stop thinking local when you deal with the Internet and profit from the global market place.

If we are offering hosting at 1 Rand per day for unlimited bandwidth, disk space, email accounts and all the built in features you can dream of, it is mainly because of our friends in South Africa, such as Bianca Gubalke. Bianca feels cheated or at least she feels that the South African Internet environment does not live up to international standards, namely in as much as pricing is concerned.


I have an idea, and if you are reading this, don’t miss out: we will give away FREE Hosting to 1000 people in South Africa! Yes, free hosting for ever! Or at least for as long as we exist and hosting exists and South Africa exists….:-).

We will launch Hosting South Africa in March, or April and we will announce special promos on a 24 hour rhythm. Sign up with the feed and make sure you don’t miss your town’s or city’s promo.

Also: we will give you the opportunity to resell our hosting pack at 1 rand per day or 365 Rand per year and make a 50% commission on each pack sold! Again, you see, there is no hype. We just want to bring to South Africa what we have brought to our friends world wide in many countries years ago with great success and lots of happy customers.

We are proud to serve you in South Africa!


Hosting South Africa