Hosting South Africa

Hosting South Africa: New Project

Hosting in South Africa looks like an expensive affair, at least from customer side. Comparing prices with our hosting packs from ChiHosters or from the YORGOO Pro host, you will notice, that the shared hosting accounts or the Virtual Managed Servers cost a multiple from what our cost is. Even domains are sld at about double of what yorGOdom is charging.

Hosting in South Africa: the Main Players


Hosting Players in South Africa 

Hosting Players in South Africa


From the above chart you see the size of the players in terms of domains hosted. 

When it comes to Pricing, you will notice huge differences between South Africa and the rest of the world which is served from international providers. Take for example the best shared web hosting pack from Hetzner: the Master Pack costs roughly $43 PER MONTH plus a set-up fee of about $20: the pack is less complete than ChiHosters Basic Pack at $35 per YEAR, not to speak about the features. Worse, they charge for excess usage of bandwidth, whereas the band in South Africa is limited to a minimum and heavily charged.

We have done some market assessment and came to the conclusion: it’s a great market to…deregulate :-).

Look forward to news about Hosting South Africa which will open it’s doors on March 12, 2009.


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