How to Build an Online Business 5

How to Build an Online Business:

We have started implementing the main business website at YORGOO South Africa. The purpose of the site is to serve as a gateway leading to all the other sites related to our South African Business.

As the South Africa project is under construction, we have just built in all the necessary hooks to serve the purpose of the ‘umbrella’ site.

South Africa

The site is named “South Africa” which is also a primary keyword. The site script is a Semiomantics Business CMS based on WP 2.8 RC1, which we will need to update to the stable release as soon as available.

The Site Map

There are 4 main categories we are focusing on:

– South Africa

– Who is Who (People)

– South Africa Publishing

– Our Web Services

We also have  added a shop to the site, namely for downloadable products.

The Features

Main Area

The main area of the site holds dynamic content related to our above main topics. This content is structured as follows: on top the latest post, then a Choice of Editorials and finally some Quick Messages, a sort of Tweets.

Thumbnail images are associated with posts in the first two sections.

Side Bar


The top right corner contains static content, readable by Search Engine Spiders. It will serve to feature promos or other internal sticky content. This part of the sidebar is only shown on the Home Page.

Above, in the header, below the search box, there are icons to navigate to internal content as well as to external, related sites.

The right Sidebar

This sidebar is visible on all pages and contains Login and registration, Shopping Cart and Navigation features.

The left Sidebar

This Sidebar is only visible on the Home Page and contains Related Navigation features, Ads as well as Products from the Shop.

The Content

We have imported some content to populate the site contextually.

The Next Step

We will now start building the web sites pertaining to our services, starting with the Publishing Network.