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Vouliagmeni, April, 30, 2009 – by Yorgo Nestoridis

Interactive Video Blog on YORGOO Publishing

Subsequent to yesterday’s test on Yorgo Nestoridis, we have integrated the same functionality at YORGOO Publishing and added the Semiomantics tuning scripts. YORGOO Publishing will allow us to proceed with additional tests namely concerning on the behavior in feeds and the readability by spiders and bots.

Interactive Video Blog on Google

Yesterday’s post returned another strong demo of Semiomantics Publishing Power: our article made it straight to Google’s top 10 with 3 of 10 entries, an incredible result, namely considering that was down for most of the day due to server tuning issues.

When clicking on the below images you will see some of the incredible results from yesterday’s post:

On Interactive Video Blog, Interactive Video Blog news, Interactive Video Blog Image and Interactive Video Blog Images, you see our top 10 listings; the most surprising: Interactive Video Blog images with 788,000,000 search returns listed by Google.

The Sites with the best performances,,, and

Note that we are in good company all over the place and close to or beating the Guardian, ZDnet News, Techrepublic, WordPress, Hopkins University,  Technorati and other big boys.

Online Publishing in the Top League

Publishing Online is a Business! As you notice above, our competitors are all much stronger companies, richer content web sites and they have a forged a solid reputation over years.

Our sites are recent, we don’t invest into online publishing except in our own script development and we obviously have solid content as well. But we have the same publishing power as the big boys and we can beat them on most any keyword. Semiomantics Scripts are the cheapest way to play in the top league!

The next Step: YORGOO Press

After successful testing on YORGOO Publishing, we will test interactive videos on YORGOO Press to see if it is worth while to add interactive videos to our online newspapers.

Technically we don’t expect any major problems, however with each add on, we need more server resources. For that reason we may make that module only available to custom built YORGOO Press sites which are hosted on servers with the necessary resources.

We are also working on a Video Feed for the purpose or the translation of the video comments into feed format.

Please leave your comment in video format on YORGOO Publishing.