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Vouliagmeni, May 2, 2009 – by Yorgo Nestoridis

YN – Lead Generation is one of the main activities of online marketers and there are countless so called squeeze and opt-in pages out there to serve exactly that purpose. The problem is: these squeeze pages are not Google efficient and do not generate traffic per se. For this reason, marketers then promote their lead generation page with yet another page or site or with ads, such as the typical work from home ads on Google.

Semiomantics Lead Generation

Lead Generation requires visibility, high visibility. And visibility we get when our site ranks high on Google search returns relative to our targeted keywords. Semiomantics has proven it times and again: it is the most efficient formula to reach high visibility. Conversion is yet another problem: the site must be attractive have good content and for the purpose of lead generation we need an eye catching opt-in without falling into the extreme of being too pushy.

In the past we have tried many formulas, such as the typical opt-in form in the top right corner of the blog, embedded opt-ins in posts and such like.

Looking for more visible opt-in features we have tried the pop-up, which is victim of pop-up blockers but the idea remains interesting. The best replacement for a pop-up is the overlay.

Overlays can be used for most any content. Opt-in forms are just one option. Interesting content are images in large size, media or ads. The overlay can emphasize content or it can deliver content to readers in a highly visible way. The overlay does not require a reloading of the page.

Lead Generation Overlay

The overlay feature we are using on this website has some interesting features which provides measured management of the overlay.The Functions include the choice of the back-ground color of the overlay, the timing (should the overlay be projected to every visitor or should the overlay pop up when the page is loaded or with a delay), the style by allowing to edit css, the layout and content of the pop-up as well as its size and position on the screen (center, top, bottom, right, left, parametrized by x and y distances).

Lead Generation for Networkers and people Working from Home

The combination of a high power website with built in attractive lead generation opt-in functions is ideal for networkers, home business builders or in general, people working from home working with restricted budgets and often with only one man power. It’s the most rational way to profit from organic high visibility on search engines and the attractive doorway to a lead generation pipeline. The overlay can display the opt-in form of a mailing list, such as the auto-responder opt-ins from Cashflowin or other providers. Other ideas: add the YORGOO sign up form or promote Ycademy Seminars, display links to your Social Networks pages, to your profile page on Cashflowin and more.

The Cost of Lead Generation

Experience shows: there is no limit to spending on Lead Generation, nor on Lead Generation Systems. But experience also shows that there are minimum efforts to reach statistically significant results. To reach these bench marks must be the goal of every marketer working on lead generation. “Working from Home” is a typical advertising topic where most advertisers never reach minimum benchmarks and that is how they end up being simple water carriers for uplines and companies they promote, namely in MLM environments.

The daily minimum advertising budget of $5 using Google ads does not provide any statistically significant result and is therefore useless to generate individual results. Below 20 dollars per day on such like keywords, the actual active advertising time on every 24 hour cycle covers only a small fraction of the day and misses out on the largest portion of the day.

The trick used by Networkers is therefore to imply their downlines into team marketing efforts, by letting each team member kick in an insignificant amount into Google Ads which will then end up as a significant cumulative amount profiting the up-line sponsor and leaving the individual contributor out in the rain.

Significant cumulative budgets start somewhere around $50 per day over a significant period of at least a month. This is $1500 per month or $18,000 per year, without counting hosting, auto-responder and other related cost (count for an auto-responder system another $20 per month).

The Cost of Semiomantics Lead Generation

A Semiomantics all included Lead Generation System costs at present $1200 one time and a monthly fee for hosting maintenance, updates and eventual upgrades of  roughly $30, which boils down to $1560 for the first year and thereafter $360 per year, nothing in comparison to even a minimum advertising budget of $5 per day using Google Ads.

The advantage is in the Semiomantics scrips which have proven their efficiency on all instances. Example: this blog, yorgonestoridis.com is online since about 2 months, competing with YORGOO Publishing which has been out there for 14 months. On a difficult keyword such as Working from Home News, where Google returns over 530,000,000 search results both sites rank on the top 10 beating prestigious competitors such as ABC news, BBC, CNN, the New York Times and so on:

Working from Home News

Working from Home News

The Cheapest Professional Lead Generation System

The most affordable professional lead generator is … YORGOO Press as provided by Ycademy to Seminar participants on May 30-31, 2009; the sites are fully featured semiomantics Sites with all lead generation and money making tools loaded. Unfortunately only 10 participants are accepted on that 2 days jelly or Work-shop as all participants sites need specific attention function of the participants targets and objectives.

Contact Bianca Gubalke at bianca(at)ycademy.com or Zo Nicholas at admin(at)cashbizz.com to check if there is still a seat left on the Ycademy Online Seminar which has not been publicly announced for reasons of limited slots.

The price of the Lead Generation System for Ycademy Online Seminar Participants is a measly $50, discounted to $20 for Ycademy Pro subscribers, the price of the seminar ticket!