Media Focused Publishing

Media Focused Publishing

Last Friday’s webmaster¬†training was the first step to personalized media focused publishing. The future belongs to sound and images, to video clips and pod-casts. Semiomantics NewsCast is a media focused site script as is the Ycademy Framework. Hooks for easy embedding of video files, large image display and sound files are available throughout the whole site resulting in efficiently tagged media readable by Google spiders.

Here is another example of the use of managed media. The example shows elements managed with NextGen Gallery (Semiomantics version).

Media Management: Images

The Ycademy theme disposes of various media storage folders to allow easy media file management.

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Albums and Gallery pages can be displayed in a meaningful way using Nextgen Gallery.

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Display of Slide shows and mini galleries fit in by using pre-configured widgets.

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More examples HERE