Semiomantics XO 2010 Edition

The best Semiomantics Framework based on WordPress

For over two years Semiomantics has been tuning WordPress for high performance on Search engines. Unique on-site optimization and Google Top 10 performance establish Semiomantics amongst the most envied signatures in the industry.

Semiomantics XO – Semantic Publishing and blogging for everyone

When almost 2 years ago the first Semiomantics XO version 2008 made it’s appearance, it became obvious that the framework had one outstanding quality: it allowed to reach unequaled Google Top 10 performance. The original site was a simple two column blog layout powered by an optimized script to ‘communicate’ better with Search Engine crawlers.

Ever since the performance and science behind the Semiomantics technology have been improved and over the past 12 months efforts have been made to enhance the look and the flexibility of the web design in order to allow also a newbie to quickly customize the site and to achieve extraordinary results just by using the Semiomantics XO framework.

As Semiomantics XO 2010 does not need any plug-ins for reaching its targets, it is the ideal starter solution for professional and private users who strive for high visibility and authority on search engines.

Find here below some slides featuring typical Semiomantics XO sites. (PDF format from HERE.)

Semiomantics XO Presentation Slides

Semiomantics XO Presentation Slides on YouTube

Semiomantics XO 2010 Limited Edition

As usual, Semiomantics scripts and Frameworks come in limited editions only; first because there is a limit to the work we can handle to the entire satisfaction of our customers and second, because the exclusivity of the advantages of Semiomantics constitutes a real advantage over competitors who are not equipped with the ultimate in SEO and semantic Publishing.

Semiomantics XO Basic

This wonderful framework will only be released under a special license, allowing certified designers and developers to adapt the design to the needs of their customers.

Availability: 10 Licenses

Price: $250 (included: license and a special 1 day Seminar and Workshop by Ycademy for Semiomantics).

Recommended retail price for Customized Semiomantics XO: as from $ 500.

Note: Semiomantics Certified Designers have been trained by Semiomantics  РYcademy and are permanently updated about the latest developments of Semiomantics. Licenses run for one year and include any eventual updates and upgrades during the year.

The Semiomantics Basic License is ideal for Web Designers and providers of Web Services who are customer oriented and believe as strongly as we do in customer care.

Licensees Protection is assured through encrypted unique tracking of each mounted script, preventing multiple unauthorized usage through blocking performance. The special license allows Certified Designers to sell and to set up an unlimited number of customized Semiomantics XO sites.

Semiomantics XO Professional Frameworks

These are highly Customized Commercial or Personal sites which strive for the highest possible degree of performance. The sites are using the above basic framework.

In addition all these Sites are powered by the protected Semiomantics Semantic SEO Engine. The Semiomantics Engine can be hooked to any Semiomantics script as an upgrade.

Availability: 50

Price for the upgrade: $500

Seller and implementation: Semiomantics exclusively.

Note: The Semiomantics SEO Engine is custom developed and implemented on the site. Tuning and optimization of the base scripts are performed by Semiomantics for best results. The Semiomantics SEO Engine’s performance is superior to any other module we have tested and allows customers to compare the cost of Semiomantics and Google or Yahoo ads on a 1:1 bases, whereas Semiomantics is multiple times cheaper and more efficient.

Semiomantics add-on modules

Available modules for e-commerce, media management, social network marketing and a few more are available and we will publish the catalog and terms shortly.

How to get a Semiomantics Designer License

Please contact Bianca Gubalke at bianca(at) to take an option. License allocation will be made on December 12, 2009, payment is due on December 15, 2009. The licenses are valid till December 31, 2010. The Semiomantics XO 2010 is already tuned to run on the back-bone of WordPress 2.9.