Social Media Marketing by Ycademy

Ycademy Online Seminar April 25 and 26, 2009


Media Marketing Strategies are of growing importance. Social Networks have become the main gathering locations for the online crowd of potential consumers. The most popular social media are blogs and social networks such as Facebook or Twitter. Ycademy has devoted a good number of 2 days online seminars to online publishing and marketing. The April 2009 edition will focus on Social Networks and how to include Social Networks in to a Marketing Concept.


Ycademy Online Conference, link will be mailed to Ticket holders.

Schedule: daily 1 pm London Time (GMT=1) till 9 pm (London)

The Basic Elements of Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing has to do with Communication using Social Media. Media have to do with Editing and Publishing. Communication has to do with Semantics and therefore we will present, introduce and implement a basic Semantic Media Marketing Concept. The focus will be on

– Personal and Professional Profile Online

– Semantic Media Publishing Framework

– Social Networks

and the interlinking of these 3 focal points by creating permanent communication flows between the three elements aiming to deliver to and serve a targeted audience with information about topics of common interest in interactive environments.

The Goals

1. Understanding Social Media Marketing basics.

2. Creating a customized Media Marketing Concept.

3. Implement a communication efficient profile.

4. Build or continue to build a Semantic Publishing Framework capable of serving the purposes of social network marketing.

5. Set up accounts and configure them on Social Networks

6. Implement profile centered information flows between Social Networks and Personal Publishing Frameworks.


All course materials will be provided.

Participants using YORGOO Press: we will upgrade your YORGOO Press and integrate all modules related to social network marketing.

Bonus: Integration of Google Maps and advanced Media viewer.

Participants without YORGOO Press: we will put a WordPress 2.7.1 site at your disposal, including all features we use for the implementation of the Social Media Marketing Concept during the seminar.

Bonus: If you would like to get a YORGOO Press site at the Seminar discount price, please contact Bianca at bianca(at); the price is $67 including the basic versions with all upgrades. This version of YORGOO Press is priced at $125 (retail).

All participants: Free account from for your Profile.


The Seminar will be recorded and recordings will be made available to participants respectively ticket holders.


Only a total of 20 available.

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We are looking forward to delivering Dynamic, Interesting and Rewarding Seminar

Bianca Gubalke
Zo Nicholas
Yorgo Nestoridis


Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing