Social Network Publishing

Build your Social Network Publishing Network

Social Network Publishing is task which aims to reach out for users of social networks by making valuable content available in social networks. In other terms, we aim to become visible on the search results inside Social Networks.

Social Networks vs. Google

In general as a web publisher we make our content available to the public and hence to search engines, such as Google. Google does not reflect however the content produced inside Social Networks. Social Networks run their own internal search engines paired with particular sets of filters, such as geo-targeting, age groups, language and more. To become visible on search results within Social Networks, content must be published and made available inside the social networks… at least that’s what most people may think.

We will show you here below that this is not the absolute truth of the story.

Google Top 10 and Facebook

During the past 12 months Facebook has opened it’s closed house to many ‘external sources’ one of them being external search engines; MySpace has had a web search function much earlier.

External Web search can now be found in Facebook and it is interesting to compare search results.

In Facebook we find Bing powered Search results (of course, since Microsoft has invested over $200 million in Facebook):

Yorgo Nestoridis on Facebook Bling Search

Yorgo Nestoridis on Facebook Bing Search

Interestingly the results with direct Bing search are not exactly the same:

Yorgo Nestoridis on Bing Search

Yorgo Nestoridis on Bing Search

A comparison with Yahoo and Google reviels further differences:

Yorgo Nestoridis on Yahoo Search

Yorgo Nestoridis on Yahoo Search

All the above search results seem to be extremely hooked to the domain name, more in any case than the Google Top 10 returns:

Google Top 10 for Yorgo Nestoridis

Google Top 10 for Yorgo Nestoridis

Google seems to be more sensitive to aggregation and backlinks.

Facebook’s internal Search Engine

The internal Facebook Search Engine returns results just from inside Facebook; interesting to get in control of those results as well …

Yorgo Nestoridis on FAcebook Internal Search

Yorgo Nestoridis on Facebook's Internal Search

The impact of an own account to control your name returns is evident.

From the above we can draw a certain number of conclusions we will discuss at Tuesday’s Ycademy call.

Building and implementing a Social Network Publishing Strategy is not an easy but an interesting task. At Ycademy we work with you to get around technical difficulties to achieve extraordinary results.

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