Web Design Workshop 15 Disney Look

by Yorgo Nestoridis

Web Design Workshop 15 Disney Look

Yesterday’s Web Design Workshop was just fun! The goal was to change the look and feel of a site by modifying a few elements of the style-sheet. We were looking for the implementation of a Disney look, or rather: what makes a child theme.

The Web Design Elements

In order to quickly change the look we need to define some main elements of the new look; the most spectacular changes occur when you change colors, fonts and backgrounds or relates graphics.


The colors of our Disney look are

red: #ff000
blue: #0000ff
green: #008000
yellow: #ffff00

As you can see, we use just 4 basic standard colors.


Preferably we would use some comic handwriting, however only few visitors’ computers would be able to render fantasy or special script fonts. Windows driven computers know a comic font:

comic sans ms


we use background colors from our 4 basic colors: light backgrounds in yellow and dark one in blue for example. Furthermore we use images representing Disney figures.

The Implementation

1. Replace in your style-sheet all white color codes (#FFFFFF and #FFF) with yellow (#FFFF00) and all black color codes (#000000 and #000) with blue (#0000FF). To change use the Find – Replace function of your code editor (PSPad for example).

2. Replace all fonts with the line:

font-family: "comic sans ms", sans-serif;

Remember: when a fontname is composed of more than one word we use quotes.

Load background images to your folder wp-content/themes/xo/images and add the backgrounds accordingly.


background: #FFFF00 url(images/dd.jpg) repeat;

You may replace the body background as well as the widget backgrounds or any other background you like.

Finally you may want to increase font-size here and there and your first draft is finished.

Semiomantics XO Disney Look

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