Webmaster Training Friday 9-18-2009

by Yorgo Nestoridis

Webmaster Training Friday 9-18-2009

After a heavy week of Web Design, let’s calm down and end the week with some maintenance and fun.

Database Maintenance

Tonight we will have a closer look at Cleaning out our Database. The purpose is to understand the implications of a Database Clean-out on a high performance WordPress based site and to implement a clean-out program on your YORGOO Press site. You will be surprised!

Great Web Design

This is a round the world trip to see what the competition is doing! You will enjoy the way we finish the week and keep smiling till Monday!


Raw Forest for Toni to start from :-)

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Author: Yorgo Nestoridis, Media Marketing & Publishing, Founder of YORGOO Publishing, YORGOO Press and Semiomantics.

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