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by Yorgo Nestoridis

Fonts and Font Faces

In HTML and XHTML, a font face or font family is the typeface that is applied to some text. In typography, a typeface is a set of one or more fonts, in one or more sizes, designed with stylistic unity, each comprising a coordinated set of glyphs.

Fonts are magic! Fonts communicate and fonts brand.

Brand Recognition through Fonts

Some Brands have acquired a high degree of notoriety because of the consistent use of their image, part of which being the font used in their product brand logo the most famous example is probably:

Yorgo Cola

Yorgo Cola



Even if the fonts are not 100% exact, there is brand recognition – even if the spelling is wrong.

Sure these are some of the extreme examples. However there are thousands of brands being recognized just based on a font. The same applies to newspapers: you get used to the font, not just of the headlines but of the articles as well. And finally, isn’t your handwriting a sign of branding?

Think about your signature: in the USA you ask: Can I have your Hancock?



Your Hancock is your personal sign or logo, serving even legally to identify you.

Is Bill Gates Branding you?

Or rather, is Bill Gates writing your signature? Is Microsoft or Mozilla deciding how you write, in what color you write and are they forcing you into a Joe Doe Look? Do you really want to look like all the other Joe Does online? If yes, just stick the Microsoft logo on your website and Bill Gates portrait!

But you could do worse than that: join Facebook! :-)

Get in Control of your Image and Brand

There are a few major elements of your brand you should get in control of: your Name, your Image (Logo, Picture), your font, your color scheme. The combination of these elements make you unique and give your readers a first important impression about what and how and who you are.

The following series of posts will look at font faces and what they can best be used for.

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Author: Yorgo Nestoridis, Media Marketing & Publishing, Founder of YORGOO Publishing, YORGOO Press and Semiomantics.

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