WP Best Town Project

WP Best City or Town Theme

How to build a local website, focusing on your town or city? WP Best City or Town Theme by Semiomantics is the answer! WP Best City or Town is not really a theme, it’s a concept for people who want to bring their town and activity to the internet. Semiomantics builds module based Town or City Blogs and CMS in function of the needs of the user.

The WP City Concept by Semiomantics

Every town is different and yet, they all have many common aspects when it comes to presenting and promoting the town, it’s business, events, local market and more. Surfing Google and looking for town sites, you will notice that many towns exist only through rather boring, sterile tourism related directories or politically hyper correct official sites and blogs. Nothing you really want to look at. There are exceptions of course, but chances are that your town is lousily represented on the internet and the people of the town are simply neglected in the equation.

At Semiomantics we have developed a strategic concept to bring towns or cities in front of an interested audience. At present we are testing the concept targeting the  community of Vouliagmeni in Greece.

Main Site: WP Best Town Blog

To start with, we use a basic destination CMS and Blog based on the WP Best Destination script by Semiomantics.

This allows us to post editorials about the Vouliagmeni, it’s people, things to do in Vouliagmeni, events, business, shopping, photo galleries, videos and so on. It’s also designed to offer visitors to Vouliagmeni compelling information about the best place on earth :-).

My Vouliagmeni Main Site

My Vouliagmeni Main Site

The main site is tuned for high visibility and performance on Search Engines with the clear ambition to play a role on Google Top 10 under any Vouliagmeni related keyword.

Have a look at My Vouliagmeni Main Site.

Add-on Module: Real Estate and Property

The real estate market deserves special treatment. For this reason we have optimized a real estate module for high performance and built it straight into the main site.

A sample is here.

Vouliagmeni real Estate Module

Vouliagmeni real Estate Module

Add-on Module: Classifieds Directory

Directory scripts are known for limited performance compared to Semiomantics scripts. We have therefore developed the WP Best Classifieds Directory with Semiomantics. This is a stand alone CMS which can be visually integrated and strategically linked with the Main site.

Have a look at the Vouliagmeni Classifieds Directory.

Vouliagmeni Classifieds Directory

Vouliagmeni Classifieds Directory

Add-on Module: Shop

The shop concept is based on the WP Best Shop script from Semiomantics. The shop could sell Vouliagmeni related souvenirs, branded Tees or other accessories and more.

More about the shop later.

More Add-on Modules

More add-on modules are under development at Semiomantics. We will keep you posted.