Ycademy Online Publishing Seminar

How to Create your Publishing Network

The Ycademy September Seminar will focus on building a personal publishing network and then to link it with other networks. The goal is to increase visibility and impact on Google and other Search Engines as well as on aggregators.

The Basic Network Structure

According to the YORGOO Publishing Model we are looking first at a three level in-house structure; thereafter we link with external networks.

YORGOO TimesThe in-house Publishing Structure

The center piece of the mini network is a Newspaper or Magazine type of a website aggregating a unique mix of content which can be more or less broad.

The Newspaper is fed by authors who provide category related content via RSS. The first such author is the owner of the network via his personal author site. Additional authors contribute to increase content, diversity and to make the place more interesting for readers.

On the third level we place niche sites which correspond to targeted extracts from the Newspaper or Magazine site.

The external Publishing Structure

Here we consider namely

  • Aggregators
  • Social Networks
  • Media Networks
  • Friendly Websites
  • and more

This topic will be explained and implemented during the seminar.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO will be a special issue at the Seminar. All participants will use Semiomantics Scripts tuned for aggressive configuration. We will present step by step a recommended configuration for each site on each level.

The Author Blog

In most cases, the Author Blog is a Semiomantics XO site with quite a diversified and complex category and tag structure. Authors however tend to specialize on a few main topics (categories) which would constitute the recommended primary categories of the respective newspaper sites.

The Newspaper Site

In fact each newspaper owner provides a particular mix of topics designed to attract the targeted readership. In the ideal case the mix is function of the main interest of the editor and likely to correspond to the main categories in his author blog.In addition each Newspaper editor may add external authors and their content in function of the requirements of the project. Important: only publish content with the authorization of the external authors and respect copyright notices; all participants agree to allow all the other participants to syndicate content from their networks.

Newspaper sites are built on Semiomantics NewsCast or its successor script. The sites are provided and boosted by YORGOO Press.

The Niche Sites

These sites are traditionally YORGOO Blasters or Boosters. License holders may also use XO or NewsCast scripts for the purpose whereas it is important to take into account the particular editing requirements of these two scripts.

Special Configuration of Blaster or Booster type sites will be demonstrated at the Seminar.


It is of paramount importance that participants prepare their publishing structure before the seminar. This week’s daily calls will help to prepare these structures. Also, we will publish a sample based on my own model and publish it for reference before the seminar.