Ycademy Online Seminar April 2016

Varkiza Fishing Port

Varkiza Fishing Port.
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Introduction to Building Apps with YORGOO

App Building is one of the milestones on the road-map of YORGOO developments. Providing WP based websites for most any purpose is YORGOO’s primary objective, now we add App development functionality.

By integrating Apppresser with YORGOO, we will be able to to offer a cost efficient super charged WordPress experience as the App Wrapper allows for integration of native functionality of mobile devices.

App Development will be the main concern of the April and May Seminars.

The Seminar will deal with the following topics:

  1. Building Apps with YORGOO: Overview
  2. What Apppresser can do for you
  3. Considerations for Client Projects, cost
  4. Type of Apps
  5. How it works
  6. PhoneGap Build: Overview
  7. Installing PhoneGap (Desktop and Mobile)
  8. Create a Hello World App
  9. Preview the App
  10. PhoneGap extensions
  11. YORGOO: App Package: Overview
  12. Building an app with YORGOO/Appresser and PhoneGap



You need a YORGOO Developer membership as we integrate Apppresser into the Developer membership for the purpose of the Seminar. All materials provided.


April 24 and 25, 2016, from 1 pm till 9 pm London time on both days.


Please get the discount code from Bianca as usual.

Ycademy Online Seminar Ticket

Ycademy Online Seminar Ticket