Ycademy Online Seminar BIG NEWS

Build your Shop on YORGOO Press

Just released: Ycademy Online Seminar Participants build their personal and customized shop!

YORGOO Press Development

YORGOO Press the incredible Newspaper Framework by Semiomantics is adding an important feature for all those who

want to make money online and with their website. The new module is a shop, or rather a complete e-commerce

solution with shopping cart, payment gateways, fulfillment tracking, integrated download manager for e-products,

photos and such like, stock control, unlimited variables to define products and features and much much more!

There is also a product or merchant feed as well as the Semiomantics Integrator to max out on Semiomantics SEO.

YORGOO Press Shop

The YORGOO Press shop is a development we have implemented at the Global Sports Website for high traffic commercial

use, however without the Semiomantics hooks. Ycademy Seminar Participants’ Semiomantics sites have now been

equipped to integrate the shopping module and we will build these shops during this week-end’s seminar.

Who will benefit from the Shop

Simply everyone using YORGOO Press for commercial purposes. The shop is ideal to commercialize your own products,

affiliate products or advertising. It’s configured to let you sell download products automatically (e-products such

as mp3, images and photos, scripts, e-books …) as well as physical products which require shipping. For Americans

the shop features built in taxes for the 50 states as well as a hook to UPS fulfillment tracking.

How to show Products, Promos and Special Offers

The widgetized layout of YORGOO Press allows flexible integration of all e-commerce features. See the widgets lay-

out on the Demo Site.

Product Pages are created automatically and the check out pipeline is in place.

How about Donations

A special feature allows for Donation Buttons!

What is so special about the YORGOO Press + Shop?

Owners unite Semiomantics Power Framework with e-Commerce which is the only solution I know of to bring your shop

under a relevant keyword to Google Top 10 listing. You only need one website to

– storm Google Top 10

– sell your products

– have an attractive lay-out for your visitors and readers

– follow up on your customers

– communicate with social networks