Ycademy Seminar January 2013

Mobile Apps

Apps will be the big topic of 2013, mainly because there is a major shift of web traffic towards the mobile web and consequently traffic harvesting will be more efficient through apps than through browser based websites.

The Ycademy January Seminar will focus on Apps Basics and different ways to convert WordPress blogs to hybrid and native apps.

Apps Workshops

The Seminar will be composed of a variety of Workshops dealing with Mobile Apps and namely on the conversion of a WordPress driven site to mobile apps for different platforms.

You will learn about the differences between hybrid and native apps, HTML 5 apps and the different architecture imposed by platform owners, such as Apple, Google, Microsoft and RIM.

While there are costly and complex developments available, this seminar will focus on basics and the most simple ways of making WP available on mobile; the solutions we will implement will be appreciated by many customers, while for others they will just constitute a starting point for more sophisticated and efficient developments.

More information will follow.

All materials will be provided. Tools needed: Photoshop and FTP Client.


January 26 -27, 2013 as usual starting at 1 pm London Time each day and ending at 9 pm London Time.


Tickets: $85 with the usual special discount of $50 for Ycademy Pros; please get the Ycademy Pro Discount code from Bianca (@) ycademy.com.

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