YORGOO Blaster New Edition

YORGOO Blaster Update

The YORGOO Blaster has been updated and is available in the Customers Area at the YORGOO Blaster site.


The modifications include:

– The new YORGOO Blaster is based on WordPress 2.7.1.

– The Themes have been adapted to the new platform.

– The new YORGOO Blaster Plugin replaces the old adsense plug.

– The Category display in the sidebars has been deactivated.

Upgrade your YORGOO Blasters

To upgrade your blasters please follow the steps as per below:

1. Login to your dashboard and disable all plugins.

2. Download the new YORGOO Blaster Pack from the YORGOO Blaster Customer area.

3. Unzip the downloaded file; you will find a folder called YORGOO Blaster

4. Copy and Paste the CONTENT of the folder YORGOO Blaster into the directory where your Blaster is installed (Don’t copy the folder YORGOO Blaster, just the content). When prompted, select merge or over write.

5. Once loaded, go to your wp-admin.php (to access the dashboard; you will be prompted to upgrade WordPress: click on the upgrade button and some tables will be automatically added to your database.

6. Login to your YORGOO Blaster Dashboard and enable the following plugins:

– yorgoo_blaster

– All-in-one SEO

– FeedWordpress

– Akismet

Delete the plugin adsense-inbox.

7. Under appearance, select one of the new themes.

8. Customization: as before: you can replace headers and footers as well as change style sheets as before.

9. YORGOO_Blaster Plugin: add your ads as before, by following the instructions; you can load most any code,  java scripts such as Amazon, Google Adsense or custom made html code (edit an image with a link in html and paste the code into the ads fields. The HTML code is readable by search Engines!

10. Run your Blaster, check the performance on Google and enjoy.