YORGOO Hosting Call for Resellers


Subsequent to the last Ycademy Seminar we have imported Reseller Packages to the customer interface. In order to access the customer portal, we need to complete the personal registration as well as agree on pricing issues.


Tuesday, June 9, 2015 Call

A few tasks need to be discussed before implementation:

  1. Accounts on HSA to be moved.
  2. The issue of YORGOOPress.
  3. Packages and Pricing.
  4. Set-up WHMCS access and Reseller Credentials.


Time permitting we will addresss the issue of email:

Since YORGOO.com provides web-hosting to its members, we need to be able to provide solutions for branded advertising free email.

Small Mobile Business in Greece

Small Mobile Business in Greece
© 2015 Yorgo Nestoridis

Some facts:

Free email boxes usually do not allow for branding your mail by using your domain (hotmail remains the exception) and they may add ads to your mail. While Gmail or Rackspace are reliable hosts, there is no longer free branding. Mailboxes start at $2 per month on Rackspace, Google charges $5. (There is a work around with Google, however it’s not 100% clean.)

Mail included in shared cPanel hosting packages have a few disadvantages: first of all they may use a big junk of your resources and slow down your website; this is the single most important reason why we do recommend not to use web-servers for hosting emails. Also, we recommend, not to put all your eggs into one basket but to separate domain hosting from web hosting and mail hosting. (If your site is down, your mail is gone as well …).

POP3 mail is out, IMAP is the way to mail in the 21st century. With IMAP your mail is synchronized on various devices (desktop and mobile for example). At Yorgodom we still offer a legacy pack of 10 reliable and branded  POP mailboxes for $12.95 per year, however Enom has set up a new professional mailing product with ten times higher prices, still a steal compared to Google or other competitors.

Mail on cPanel hosts: most people don’t realize how much mailing impacts on cPanel resources. Contrary to common belief individual hosting accounts are capped as GoDaddy lines out in a support post:

“…  other resources are more scarce so we have to ensure one website isn’t consuming all of a server’s resources—which can hurt performance across all sites on the server— so we have resource usage “maximums” for CPU, RAM, I/O, inodes and Entry Processes for each hosting account.”

Who has ever bothered about reading the fine print about limitations of CPU usage, Ram, I/O or others?

At YORGOO.com we therefore do not host email accounts on our website servers.

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Email solutions for YORGOO members

To brand your emails using your own domain, we suggest to use one of the following solutions:

  1. Use mailboxes from yorgodom. ($12.95/year for the legacy POP pack or $12/year per email account for the new Pro Mail from Enom)
  2. Use gmail or hotmail. (free)
  3. Get a mail hosting account from YORGOO.net. ($12/year for 10 mailboxes.)

1. YorgoDom

This is my preferred solution as it is simple to implement and to use. However POP mail may not be what you prefer, namely if you wish to synchronize mail on multiple devices and mailing software. The new Professional email product is comparable to what Google Apps offer but an easy more private solution.

Small Greek Business

Small Greek Business
© 2015 Yorgo Nestoridis

2. Google and Hotmail

They both offer ads free packs at a price. Free accounts are subject to ads. There is still a free workaround for gmail if you want to send mail from a different domain (your domain) or alias: check out the Google Support Post here. Of course looking at the headers you will notice that Google is in fact co-branding the mails, however your recipients may not notice it.

3. YORGOO.net Mail

Get a YORGOO cPanel for Mail! This is a limited cPanel just for mail, allowing you to manage up to 10 mailboxes, MX records, DNS settings and so on.

The advantage here is that you get all limited cPanel resources just for mailing without impacting on your website’s loading speed or SEO. Another advantage is that you are completely flexible to brand and manage your mail using POP or IMAP.

I suppose that the product is reliable as it is hosted with HostGator on a managed server.

The disadvantage is that you have to manage your domain DNS from cPanel instead of configuring DNS from Yorgodom and of course, there is the very modest fee.

This package is strictly reserved for YORGOO users who use domain mapping and point the domain’s A record to YORGOO.com.

I will post within the next few days about the correct DNS and MX configuration for YORGOO Mail Package users.