YORGOO Limited Branding

YORGOO Limited Logo Contest

Last Friday, we announced the contest for the creation of the YORGOO Limited Logo and Name Branding.  The rules and expectations are as follows:

The logo should satisfy the following basic criteria:

The logo should be:

  • simple yet understandable
  • memorable
  • timeless
  • Scalable and functional
  • Relevant and appropriate

Yorgo Icon

What is YORGOO?

Legally speaking YORGOO is a UK based company, limited by shares.

YORGOO develops and implements scalable media, marketing and publishing resources for individuals and business.

YORGOO provides turn-key as well as highly customized solution for excellent publishing.

YORGOO customers can count on personalized service from a team of passionate professionals from all over the world.

YORGOO’s foundations date back to 2005 when the original YORGOO network was created in form of a membership program; this flagship product has been taken offline and will be replaced by a new publishing platform based on WordPress and which will package complex efficient publishing tools for day to day use by people who want to focus on their content and communication.

The logo and or graphic icon must be efficiently usable in very small as well as large size, i.e. as a 16 px x 16 px favicon to very large street signs.

It must be defined for web and print as well as for 3d reproduction.

A watermark version for video and images is needed as well.

IconsSome more limitations

Since 2005 YORGOO’s colors were Gray-scale and Red, whereas red was defined as RGB #B30000 or #F00000. Gray-scale was basic, black, then #222, #666, #eaeaea – other gray tones can be used.

Fonts: use standard fonts which are usable for print as well as online. We don’t want to stick with the original YORGOO fonts as used for the 2005 program. We are open to suggestions.


In order to save time, the logo can be submitted in PSD format (Photoshop) for a pre-selection. The final version needs to be in vector format for scaling purpose.

Contest Participants

The contest is open to all YORGOO and Ycademy Pros as well as to seminar participants.

More info

At our live calls, starting on Monday, February 11, 2013.