YORGOO Logo Design Drafts

YORGOO Logo DraftYORGOO is a platform where a multitude of inputs unite to a whole new entity.

Inspired by this idea and in respect of the imposed color scheme I did the following sketch which can work out at very small  size for example as a favicon.

The graphic represents well the above idea, however I am not too happy with the proportions. Also there is another version on the drawing board where the red square becomes a red circle, giving the design a more dynamic look.

The difficulty with round, curved objects is obvious, namely when you want to squeeze them into a 16 px x 16 px canvas.

Here below the 16px x 16 px favicon:

Favicon draft square

A version with the rounded shape:

Favicon draft round


Of course there are other options, such as letter based ideas, which present some disadvantages when it comes to very small shapes.

YL for YORGOO Limited

YORGOO Logo draftsIt’s tempting to use the letters representing YORGOO Limited and of course, I had to try it out.

The idea is always the same: join the two letters, simplify the shape and try it out with colors. While the first examples are font based, the second set is based on geometrical shapes, square and triangle and square and rounded.

Playing with geometric elements is interesting and yet, the difficult part will be to find the right proportions to express the desired relations existing between these elements. Joining the elements differently and splitting the middle bar would be another option or moving that bar out of the center … back to the drawing board!

The word YORGOO offers some interesting challenges, namely due to the rounded shapes of the “o”s and the “g”. In the past, YORGOO was branded with condensed Eight Track fonts which worked quite well for the purpose of 2005.

YORGOO Limited’s image is different from the good old membership program. We need to express a modern angle with a touch of elegance and class, a touch of “good taste” and yet an interpretation thereof, pointing to a more speed oriented environment, a more abstract and yet harmonious design for a more dynamic generation.

For the purpose of this post, I have selected some sketches based on the Adobe Garamond Pro Font:

Draft negativeWhile Garamond is an old font, it remains one of the most elegant and harmonious serif-fonts, namely for the letters needed here. Garamond is timeless, even if it looks a bit oldish, too traditional for my taste. That’s why I applied the brush to clear some parts of the font to get rid of what I feel is an excess of serifs and to bring in some dynamic into the design.

Also, treating each letter individually allows to play with individual letter spacing which is needed for the word YORGOO; due to all the rounded fonts, the word would fall apart with standard metrics.

Note also, the treatment of the first “o” which is designed to form a unity with the “y” making it a nice logo shape.

Of course all the above requires real detail work to get the best effects. Please take these sketches as what they are: sketches for discussion, ideas for inspiration or simply drafts designed for the bin.

I am looking forward to your feedback at tonight’s call.