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YORGOO Press and Free Traffic and Leads

Vouliagmeni, March 31, 2009 by Yorgo Nestoridis,YORGOO

YORGOO has been built for providing services building free viral traffic and to generate leads. The more traffic, the more leads and by logic the more conversion. The original formula is still valid and working brilliantly for those using the simple formula optimized by YORGOO.

However, since YORGOO has been created in 2005 the behavior of mainstream internet users has changed. Social Networks have become the main attraction online for the masses and the shift of traffic in favor of Social Media is easily traceable by consulting Alexa.

As a consequence we need to deal with the phenomenon of Social Media and find out how the social media frenzy can profit our purpose as online marketers and business developers.

Kate's Smile

Kate's Smile

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is the new big key-word to describe a new branch of Communication and Marketing Science. As lined out in yesterday’s YORGOO call, Universities start to teach Social Media Marketing; the Birmingham City University in the UK is offering a first MA curriculum starting in September 2009.

Free Traffic and Social Networks

One of the major issues is to figure out, how to profit from all the traffic easily generated on Social Networks. While we have been teaching targeted marketing for years, focusing on keywords, we must see things under a new aspect, which is targeted behavioral marketing and communication. Social Media Marketing is more difficult than traditional marketing for a simple reason:

People who join Facebook, Twitter and other social networks, don’t go there to buy things or to be harassed by ads.

In fact they join social networks to communicate, to make friends and contacts for private purposes and obviously for the fun. But they also join social networks because it’s free to join, or at least that’s what most think and free is perceived as “without out of pocket cost”.

YORGOO is easier to achieve results with

Again the reason for YORGOO‘s success is simple: people join traffic programs because they are in online marketing and online business building and because they want to bring their products or message in front of a targeted audience. Traffic Programs provide a targeted audience and the surfer never needs to worry about advanced targeting strategies.

In Traffic Programs, the users EXPECT to see other peoples products and messages: it’s the cheapest way of delivering a message to a targeted online marketers audience.

On the other hand, traffic programs and safelists are used by a minority of surfers and the audience is limited to a specific crowd with limited needs.

With Social Networks we are back to a generic crowd and obliged to filter, target and sort out contacts by field and degree of interest. We are in a situation comparable to 10 years ago: each social network constitutes a sort of a mini internet in form of a closed vase system, with participants from any back ground, having any purpose, interest and goals. You can meet there ‘anyone’ however not every body is a target as in traffic programs.

Sure there are the internal search engines and filters available to all participants. However fact remains: people did not join those social networks to buy products.

Fact is: you don’t sell on Facebook or on Twitter and Barack Obama was not elected on Facebook either.

Social Networks constitute pools of people where the savvy marketer enjoys fishing. This means, you throw the hook into the pool to attract contacts out of the Social Network into your own environment, i.e. to your website.

This means: Your must have a website which is interesting, attractive and which provides room for interactivity.

We have built YORGOO Press for exactly this purpose.

YORGOO and Social Network Marketing

Interestingly, when it comes to behavioral marketing, corporates amke every effort not to appear as corporates and marketers want to get rid of the apparent profile as ‘interested in doing business with you’.

While on Social Networks, our effort is to attract people towards our own websites, it can inversely be our goal to use YORGOO Traffic to bring people into our Social Network Community to soften the hard commercial image and to add another dimension to the relation, a more private and relaxed dimension which traditionally has been created by picking up the phone or by sending an email to build the relation and to give it that touch that makes the difference between anonymous connections and personalized relations.

YORGOO is ready to support your Social Media Marketing efforts and what better can we do than to add some features to YORGOO for this purpose and to set up a Social Media Marketing Seminar in April?

Look forward to a great event which will take place on April 25 and 26 at Ycademy.