YORGOO Press is ready for Release

YORGOO Press to be released on March 30, 2009

Vouliagmeni, March 21, 2009 – by Yorgo Nestoridis and YORGOO Press

YORGOO Press is ready and I am proud to announce that both scripts are ready to perform for their future users! Yes, YORGOO Press comes in two versions: an Advanced News Paper version we have installed on YORGOOPress.com and the Standard version as featured on http://news.yorgonestoridis.com.

There is a clear distinction between the two versions:

YORGOO Press WP Advanced News Paper

YORGOO Press Screenshot

YORGOO Press Screenshot

This is a high end limited edition which can be used to manage and post edit multiple publications as well as it can be used as a stand alone version by end users. We have developed this professional version namely for Ycademy Pros who wish to build a Publishing Network according to the Yorgoo Publishing Concept. But then and based on the feed-back we have received, we have formulated the script as a stand allone turn key website for anyone who needs a high end website for about unlimited publishing purposes.

What may appear to be a complex website is in fact a very simple to use framework, a lot easier to use than our traditional Semiomantics Websites. This is namely due to the easy to use configuration panel which is placed in and accessible through the admin dashboard making the use of FTP or cPanel superfluous.

There are multiple ways to get a piece of this Limited Edition:

1. The best way: Join the Ycademy March Seminar on March 28 and 29, 2009 or at least get a ticket for it from HERE. The Seminar Ticket includes 2 huge benefits: you get your hosted and serviced Advanced YORGOO Press turn key website without ever having to pay for it and then you get the YORGOO Press Stadard version for installing as many news papers as you want on your own domains. The licenses are user licenses which can be used as many times as you want on sites belonging to you, however you are not allowed to resell these scripts.

2. YORGOO Press will sell the same Advanced site as under 1 above for a set-up fee of $100 and a monthly subscription of $9.99 to a limited number of users. A great deal, if you think about it.

3. YORGOO Press Advanced will be available under a Semiomantics License, installed and configured by us on your host and domain. The price for this personal professional and Semiomantics tuned script on your host is at $500 for Ycademy Pros and at $1000 for direct Semiomantics Customers.

4. Semiomantics Customers: you get it for free as usual, just lodge a ticket at yorgohelp indicating where you would like to have it installed and we will install it on your host. (Don’t forget to post FTP access.)

5. The YORGOO Press Standard version will be sold as a stand allone WordPress Theme for $59 under a personal user license. The Theme can be loaded to any WordPress 2.7.1 installation. Installation services will be available. This version is not limited and will be object of an affiliate deal for Ycademy Pros.

6. YORGOO Pros: ask for a discount at yorgohelp.

YORGOO Press WP Standard News Paper

This theme is similar to the Advanced version however the layout is more restrictive and contains less pre-configured features and slots for various categories to be displayed on the home page. It’s ideal for a ‘smaller’ publication.